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You must have noticed that we have 2 types of products in Multiple C Class IP Hosting...

  • Multiple C Class Shared IP Hosting
  • Multiple C Class Dedicated IP Hosting

The first thing to make clear that, the second one is NOT the Dedicated Server hosting in any ways. Both the accounts are setup on Shared Servers in our network. The difference between these 2 is.. in Shared IPs, your domains will be hosted on the IPs which are also used by our other clients. In Dedicated IPs, you will lease the IPs for the period you are hosted with us, no other website in the world will use your IPs, these will be unique and only you can host your websites on these.

How can it effect my project?

Many questions are asked about the impact of Shared IPs on the SEO projects? I would like to state at this point, there is no such big difference using our Shared and Dedicated IPs, it completely depends on your need in the project. People ask, what if a Shared IP is penalized? Yes, if a Shared IP is penalized all sites hosted on that IP will be affected, but be assured that we NEVER allow spammers in our network for making a few more bucks. We take care of our IPs and have no such history till now.

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