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All IPv4 IPs which we use, consists of 32 bits which is represented with 4 decimal numbers separated by dots(.) for easiness in reading writing and remembering.

For example : is an IP which represents 00001010.00001011.00001100.00001101 in binary.

The 4 separate decimals are 4 classes of the IP as per classless convention..

So, for IP

10 = A Class
11 = B Class
12 = C Class
13 = D Class

Now about C Class IPs

In terms of SEO(SEO hosting more specifically) C Class IPs implies Different C Class IPs, more clearly IPs on different C Classes.

For example IPs and are same C Class as 1.1.1 is common in both.

But IPs and are on different C Class as they are on different c classes 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 respectively.

Similarly and are on different B Classes. and are on different A Classes.

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